Back On Track

Our Back on Track program is designed to help individuals and their family members with acute or chronic back pain and neck issues, while helping employers cut costs of spine care for their employees.

Our providers follow the evidence-based guidelines in the treatment of neck and back pain.

This program is focused on providing individuals with a multi-disciplinary approach; such as, education, metabolic testing, therapeutic care, and physical activities focused on returning the individual to an active lifestyle.

This approach has been proven to greatly reduce spine care costs and has a 99% success rate in returning individuals to an active lifestyle while avoiding spinal surgery. A recent study conducted by the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and school of Public Health Bonnie Ferrara, MD and Scott Hall, MD compared incidences of inpatient back surgery with SpecialtyHealth’s “Back on Track” Program suggest alternative treatments.

Most patients recover in 90 days, unless they have metabolic problems interfering with the body’s biomechanics and ability to heal.

Patients receive a neurological examination to make sure all is well, along with metabolic testing.

There are no routine MRI’s, CT scans or narcotics.

The unique part of this program addresses any metabolic issues and provides the patient with structured exercises and physical therapy. Patients complete a health questionnaire and an advanced blood test to determine if they’re insulin resistant or have other metabolic issues. A team of health coaches make lifestyle change recommendations. Compared to typical treatments, the results are great. Costs are lower than fusion surgeries and the long-term outcomes are far better.

Study Results: rates of patients who underwent inpatient back surgery compared to the “Back on Track” program results:

  • National 4.3%
  • Nevada 5.4%
  • Reno, Nevada 9.95% (672 fusion surgeries 2011-2012)
  • Back on Track 1.37%

Back on Track is offered by approved employers for workplace back-related injuries and through self and fully insured approved plans.

Upon employer approval, individuals will be able to participate in the program while saving costs with no co-pays and deductibles, when applicable.

Interested in getting your back on track? Give us a call today.

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