Aug 18, 2014

Meal Planning:

Setting up a meal plan can seem like a difficult task that requires a lot of extra time, knowledge and effort.  I am going to tell you that it really doesn’t, and not only that, can actually save a lot of time, money and day-to-day decision making that sometimes lead to imperfect food choices.  When you plan your meals ahead of time, you will be able to make better decisions ahead of time, instead of reacting to all of life’s little speed bumps that throw off the perfect plan.  There is a lot of available evidence that shows the more we think about food and try to restrict what we are eating on a daily basis the more stress hormones our bodies produce.  What we try and achieve with patients is to reduce as many stressors in their life as possible because we have seen the deleterious effects of stress on carbohydrate tolerance, heart disease risk factors, cholesterol scores, testosterone and female sex hormone imbalances and other more serious illnesses.


Aug 5, 2014


Managing blood sugar is a key component to life-long health and the method we recommend for controlling blood sugar encompasses diet, exercise and lifestyle components.  Normally, people hear about controlling blood sugar and think about diabetics, but blood sugar control is important for everyone that wants to avoid the afternoon grogginess, have less body fat, have great energy all day long, improve their cardiovascular health, and reduce their risk of insulin resistance and the associated diseases often accompanied with insulin resistance.


May 2, 2013

Most of us know what foods we should be eating, and we are aware of portion sizes, but most of us are completely unaware that there are the right times of the day to eat certain foods.  This makes a large difference when we are trying to address health, body composition and exercise performance.