Wellness and Prevention Program

The Wellness and Prevention Program is our most popular program. It is designed for individuals who are new to SpecialtyHealth or are returning after an absence from the program or just love the program and the support throughout the year.  It includes advanced blood testing and a  comprehensive risk profile within  a customized year long program:  nutrition, fitness, stress management, clinical support and health coaching is included to help you reach your goals.

Many people love the program and sign up year after year. 

The Wellness and Prevention Program is a year-long program that uses the most up-to-date “evidence-based medical guidelines” and laboratory testing.  We explain your risk factors on an easy to follow “BIG 5” chart that tells you if you have health risks. 

The program is designed to give you the clinical, nutritional, fitness and health coaching resources you need to accomplish your goals.

Maintenance Program

The maintenance program provides you with support throughout the year; special lab tests, sessions with a health coach, nutrition and fitness sessions as needed.  It gives you access to all of our special programs, educational materials and more. Life is dynamic, life events can impact your health.

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Wellness and Prevention Program:

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