Our team is made up of clinical experts in health risk assessment, lipid management, nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management.  Our team will customize a program that fits your health needs.

Jacqueline C. Cox, RN, BSN, MPA


Jacqueline C. Cox earned a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree from the University of Nevada in 1976.  She also obtained a Master Degree in Public Administration at the University of San Francisco in 1981.  Ms. Cox has extensive experience in all facets in the healthcare industry with her years as a registered-nurse, owner/operator of a TPA, founder of a credentialing agency, director of finance for a large acute hospital and her current position as co-founder, President and CEO of SpecialtyHealth.  Jackie’s experiences keep her on the forefront in addressing the rising costs of health care through innovative programs in addition to being an excellent catalyst to promote the programs at SpecialtyHealth. Jackie’s entrepreneurial spirit serves as driving force to create programs that keep the patient first above all, while addressing the high costs through cutting unnecessary and harmful procedures.


Ethan Opdahl

Fitness Coordinator

Ethan Opdahl joined the SpecialtyHealth team in May 2012, as the program’s Fitness Coordinator.  Prior to joining SpecialtyHealth, Ethan worked in the fitness industry for over ten years as a certified exercise physiologist, personal trainer and coach. 

Ethan studied Human Performance and Fitness at North Dakota State University.  While at NDSU, he also achieved national success as a competitor on the Bison Track Team.  Since that time, Ethan has shared his love of track with Reno’s high school athletes, and has become an award-winning track coach whose athletes have gone on to compete in the NBA and NFL.

Ethan’s coaching experience brings an unprecedented uniqueness to SpecialtyHealth’s fitness program.  Ethan does not formulate “cookie-cutter” exercise plans.  Instead, he looks at each patient’s individualized needs to prescribe the most effective and realistic exercise program possible.  With the assistance of advanced medical testing techniques, such as the “Advanced Blood Panel” and “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,” Ethan is able to “look under the hood” and tailor a specific fitness plan for each patient.  Ethan’s individualized exercise plans have greatly enhanced the measured success of SpecialtyHealth’s Wellness and Prevention Program, and Ethan’s unbridled energy and positive attitude have helped hundreds of patients meet their fitness goals.    

Shanti Wolfe, RD

Shanti specializes in helping individuals improve upon their current health by implementing positive lifestyle habits and establishing a healthy relationship with food.  Shanti believes that food is more than just fuel or numbers to be counted and helps individuals to free themselves from the need to diet.  He believes in the power of real foods and their ability to help improve health, performance and lifespan.  Shanti acts as a coach to help individuals find their unique nutrition prescription to enjoy a lifetime of good health.  

Scott L. Hall

Dr. Scott Hall has been the Sports and Family physician for SpecialtyHealth since 2006.  He graduated from Ohio State University with his Doctor of Medicine in 2002.  He completed his Sports Medicine Fellowship from the Sports Medicine Grant, Columbus, Ohio, in 2006.  He also completed his Family Medicine Residency and Chief Residency at Grant Family Medicine, Columbus, Ohio, in 2005.  He has been a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians since 2002.  Dr. Hall was the Family Physician with Renown Health Systems; Sports and Family Medicine with SpecialtyHealth; and Sports and Family Medicine at the University of Nevada, School of Medicine, in Reno, Nevada.  He is currently the Team Physician for the following organizations:  University of Nevada, Reno and the Damonte Ranch High School in Reno.


Sharon Mattioli, RN, APN

 Sharon Mattioli, the nurse practitioner and lipid expert who has the privilege to work at the SpecialtyHealth Wellness program.  I have been a nurse for 43 years and a nurse practitioner for 10.  I practiced for many years in cardiology.  Ten years ago I changed my focus to prevention and worked in a Risk Reduction Clinic.  I have been at SpecialtyHealth’s Wellness and Prevention Program for a year.  At SpecialtyHealth we provide expert evidenced based practice guidelines to not only establish wellness goals but also the tools to help participants meet their goals.  The results we have documented in our participant’s wellness seem almost miraculous.