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  • LivingLean: Lose Weight Without Willpower


    Lose Weight Without Willpower is a scientifically-based online interactive training course designed to stop unhealthy eating habits. Unlike typical weight management loss courses, this will attack the root of the problem by breaking down false beliefs and transforming the way you think and feel about food and how you eat. The course consists of 14 videos along with quizzes, useful exercises, and other support tools and activities.

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  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical


    Department of Transportation Physicals are provided by our DOT Certified Practitioners. SpecialtyHealth will provide individuals with an in-clinic urinalysis, medical review, health review, and functional capacity exam, and required drug testing.

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  • Advanced Renwick Solution


    Our Advanced Renwick program which includes (9) additional advanced test to the Basic Renwick Solution along with the Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment and consultation with a member of the wellness team and a written assessment.

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  • Advanced Panel with 6 Health Coaching Sessions + Panel Repeated in 6 Months


    Reaching your health goals can be hard. A support network boosts your chances to making your goals a reality. Our health coaches can help you achieve your goals, from quitting smoking to weight loss. This package includes a comprehensive health risk assessment, advanced blood panel, 6 monthly health coaching sessions, and labs repeated in 6 months. Coaching sessions can be customized to fit your goals while debunking old thoughts and methods. Payment plans available.

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