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Health care can be pricey. As health care costs continue to increase, the employers burden becomes increasingly unsustainable, while passing higher deductible and co-pays on to their employees. Employers are spending high dollars on employee wellness programs with poor participation and no quantifiable outcomes for the dollars spent.

SpecialtyHealth has created a wellness solution that keeps your employee not just healthy for now, but healthy for life. This wellness program spans the continuum of care, from biometric screenings and tobacco cessation programs to healthy lifestyle coaching. This leads to improved productivity and employee retention, better employee health and morale, and lower health-related costs, while you are able to focus on your core business. With our 15-year history in Wellness and Prevention and 20 years in Managed Care, we provide invaluable knowledge and expertise designing and providing Wellness and Prevention Programs. SpecialtyHealth is one of the top HIPAA compliant Wellness and Prevention Programs in the country and backed by URAC accreditation in Wellness and Prevention. Our goal is simple. We provide quality programs with measurable results because your goals are our goals.

The world is mobile and we are too. All our programs offered to Employers, Health Plans, and Trusts can be customized. We provide some state-of-the-art interactive gamification, customizable challenges that include all dimensions of well-being (intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical), internal support, re-seller capability, white labeling, administrative support, event scheduling, validated health education content, mobile messaging (texts and emails), and performance and implementation guarantees.

Our wellness solution encompasses an array of programs that can be adapted to any group from those just starting to develop a wellness strategy to those who already have one in place. Packages can be priced for re-sale licensing, as per company needs.


Employee Health & Wellness

SpecialtyHealth has designed a voluntary outcome based program for employees and their qualified dependents that can be integrated with their employers’ wellness benefits. The program includes an online comprehensive health questionnaire, advanced blood panel and a customized comprehensive risk report explaining in detail the individual’s identifiable health risk factors with suggested goals to correct them. This is a 6-month program with re-testing at the end of the 6th month that provides each participant with quantifiable results. Additions to the program can include health coaching, online apps, self-learning programs, and gamification modules.

PMPM (Per Member Per Month) pricing available along with “white labeling” based on the employer’s program needs.

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Employer Population Risk Analysis

This program is an absolute must for employers who want to narrow down the specific health risk of their employees and design a wellness program focused on reducing identified health risks and the healthcare cost associated with those health issues. A low-cost risk assessment package is available to accomplish a population risk analysis. The package includes an online comprehensive health questionnaire, blood testing, and population risk analysis.

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Employer Wellness Series

To inspire healthy habits in the workplace, we provide educational training programs included in our training series, which can be delivered onsite, online, through our Lunch & Learns, or part of an employee training program. These health and wellness training modules include 25 current health topics specific to today’s heath issues. Travel expenses may apply.

$1280/half day
$2,500/full day

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Healthy Living Series

We provide interactive online self-learning modules based on cognitive behavior theory that promotes healthy behaviors through changing old habits and thoughts. Programs include: Managing Type 2 Diabetes, Nutrition for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Substance Control, Getting Fit with Regular Exercise, and Stress & Sleep Management. All programs are online and easy to follow. Our modules provide testing and an employer tracking module for employee incentive programs.

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PMPM (Per Member Per Month) pricing available for populations of 100 or more. Request Pricing

Weight-Loss for Employers

Losing weight can be hard and we want to help your employees reach their fitness goals. With our weight-loss program, they will be able to shed the pounds and keep it off. Employees who have a BMI greater than 30, insulin resistance, or are pre-diabetic can participate in our focused weight-loss program to correct underlying health issues associated with the inability to lose weight. We provide the knowledge of how nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress can affect your ability to lose weight.

Our six (6) month program is run by our team of health experts utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach with an advanced health questionnaire and advanced blood testing. This is an outcome based program utilizing a proven approach to healthy weight loss, while debunking old thoughts and methods.

Pricing available upon request.

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Executive Physical

Our Executive Physical is an advanced level of screening which is designed for the busy executive who has limited time. To accommodate their schedule, we have bundled everything in a four-step program to ensure you are in top notch physical shape. We provide a one-time comprehensive physical and in-person consultation with our medical professionals. The physical includes: online comprehensive health questionnaire, advanced metabolic tests, EKG, pulmonary function testing, complete physical examination, and written risk report.

Pricing available upon request.

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DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical

We know your time is valuable. Drivers with certain medical conditions need a medical examiner who not only knows the medical requirements, but who is interested in helping maintain a drivers livelihood. At the same time, our DOT Certified Practitioners provide the safety aspects that motor carriers expect and need. To ensure best practices are met, we have partnered with CerteDrive to be able to ensure regulations are followed and the best quality care is provided. We can provide drivers with an in-clinic urinalysis, medical review, health review, functional capacity exam, and drug testing. Same day appointments are available. Walk-ins are always welcome. We are committed to getting drivers back on the road in no time.

Pricing available upon request.

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Pre-Employment & Post Hire Physicals

Our customized employment physicals are not only to protect employees from work injuries, but also to protect companies against work-related lawsuits for injuries that could have been prevented through proper care and physical review. We are committed to meet the employers needs and safety of the employees based on the employee’s job duties. Our team of practitioners and exercise physiologist will provide a comprehensive physical and written risk report for everyone.

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Individual Health Coaching

Are you ready to make your health goals become a reality? SpecialtyHealth provides customized Fitness and Nutrition Health Coaching to help you with weight, stress, sleep, and health management. Health Coaching sessions can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Visit can be done in-person or via telephone.

$100/Initial Visit

Nurse Triage 24 assists injured workers 24/7/365 – VRSA


Accidents happen. It’s life. However, employee injuries do not need to impact your company, resources, or business focus. 24/7/365 is an innovative Workers’ Compensation solution. Well suited for small business and large corporations. We effectively reduce claims volumes by managing incidences immediately that do not require urgent or even emergency care. This can save employers thousands of dollars in claims and insurance premiums. Our service hotline is staffed with registered nurses who will walk the employee and supervisor through work-place injuries, workers’ compensation laws, and regulations directing your employee to the nearest contract network provider, or instruction on self-care (first aid). Our multilingual service provides a real-time report to your TPA, managed care company, and management team. All calls are recorded for quality assurance. 24/7/365 will provide the best care to achieve optimal return of health, return to work, and return on investment.

Employer pricing available upon request.

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