Programs for Public Safety Agencies

Our programs for Public Safety Agencies and our valuable sworn officers, who protect us day and night, are designed to focus on the specific health challenges they are faced with during their line of duty. Typically, we spend more on the maintenance of our equipment for public safety then we do to protect the health and well-being of our officers. Our programs provide a solution which offers not only a remarkable ROI, but mitigates many of the intangible costs associated with the health issues public safety officers face. We focus on individuals who may suffer from cardio-pulmonary events and other specific diseases that are considered job related.

Each of our Public Safety Programs provides a comprehensive health questionnaire along with advanced blood testing to direct our wellness team to structure a program that targets specific issues related to the health and well-being of public safety officers. By utilizing our advanced testing and our comprehensive health questionnaire, we can develop a Wellness Program that fits your needs. Our programs include nutrition, weight management, fitness, DM2 management, insulin resistance reversal, stress management, and sleep disorders.

An overall agency risk assessment is vital to assess the health risk of your public safety officers.  SpecialtyHealth has developed a one-of-a-kind Agency Risk Assessment, which is a population risk report that helps top officials focus on programs and topics specific to an agency’s needs. It is designed for agencies that require annual physicals or are participating in our Train the Trainer program.

Furthermore, our programs provide a multitude of services that are not only health oriented, but will provide you the education needed to ensure success in our programs. The programs include: review of annual physicals, Advanced Blood Testing for individuals, Agency Health Questionnaire of the workforce, P.O.S.T. certified training programs for Police, training programs for public safety officers, and individualized health coaching.

Did you know? Stress and Sleep are two of the major issues affecting the health and well-being of a public safety officers and their families today. While working to eliminate identified health issues, our program targets stress and sleep management, which is key to the success of our wellness program.


Advanced Metabolic / Inflammation Testing

This package includes an online comprehensive health questionnaire, advanced blood panel, and comprehensive customized risk report explaining in detail your identifiable health risk factors with suggested goals on how to correct them. Package includes one Nutrition/Fitness Health Coaching session.


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Review of Annual Physicals

This package is highly recommended for public safety officers. It includes review of your annual physical. We will provide a comprehensive written risk report and one Nutrition/Fitness Health Coaching session.


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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer (TtT) is highly recommended for Law Enforcement. Our six-month program is specifically designed to enhance an agencies health and safety programs. The program will teach officers our program by training them the specific health and safety skills that can be applied to an entire department. It solves the problem of replicating our Wellness Program, with a specialized 40-hour P.O.S.T certified training. Training can be implemented at our Wellness facility, on location, or via web.

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Fitness Testing

This package is highly recommended for public safety agencies who need physical fitness and training. We provide the equipment, you provide the location. Package includes 2 trainers. Advanced blood testing can be added for a small additional fee.

$1280/half day
$2500/full day

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Individual Health Coaching

Are you ready to make your health goals become a reality? SpecialtyHealth provides customized fitness and nutrition health coaching to help you with weight, stress, sleep, and health management. Health Coaching can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Visits can be done in-person or via telephone.

$100/Initial Visit

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