Celebrate Breast Cancer to Bikini!

In April 2018, 12 courageous women dawned their bikini’s, ready to enter another life changing event. All are breast cancer survivors who displayed their courage and their scars as they started the 3rd annual 6-month Breast Cancer to Bikini (B2B) Challenge. Heather Reimer, a breast cancer survivor and founder of… Read More

How Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Heart Disease & Stroke

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea occurs when you stop breathing for 5-30 times per hour or more. It prevents restful sleep. It is associated with high blood pressure, arrhythmia and heart failure. Isn’t Sleep Apnea a disease of overweight people? There are two major types of sleep apnea: Obstructive… Read More

Podcast: Your Blood Work and You – with Robb Wolf & Dr. William Cromwell

Your Blood Work and You — William Cromwell, MD, Discipline Director, Cardiovascular Disease at LabCorp is an expert in the world of individualized healthcare and interpreting your blood work. In this 1-hour interview, Robb Wolf discuss the ins and outs of what to look for in your blood work and… Read More

Summer Adventures: Let’s Go Outside

July is my favorite month because Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up in North Dakota you can imagine why I like summer more than winter. Someone asked me the other day, “In your business, do you see a drop-off in exercise frequency in the summer?” The… Read More

Word from the CEO- Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, DM2: Why Advanced Cholesterol Testing Could Save Your Life

“But my Cholesterol is Normal!” Routine Cholesterol levels are commonly used to estimate the number of lipoprotein particles (bad cholesterol particles). Routine cholesterol tests may appear normal, but could actually be dangerously high when performing an advanced lipoprotein particle test (LDL-P). This disagreement between a routine cholesterol test (LDL-C) and… Read More

The Simple Act of Walking: Take A Step In The Right Direction

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir Throughout my career, I have never really been one to make “steps per day” recommendations. I’ve always thought that it wasn’t specific enough and have always fallen back on the American College of Sports Medicine guideline… Read More

Research, Media & Nutrition: Why Nutrition Information is Misleading You

Eating healthy is demanding work, and we often try many routes to get there. How do we know that we are doing the right things for our bodies? When surfing the internet, you would think there’s a huge debate over whether eggs, coffee, or salt are good or bad for… Read More

Word from the CEO: The Breast Cancer to Bikini Challenge (B2B)

Every year, Each One Tell One sponsors the Breast Cancer to Bikini challenge (B2B) for cancer survivors.  15 to 20 breast cancer survivors join a six-month program, transforming their bodies and their minds. Exercise classes start early in the morning at Evoke Fitness. Mini runs a tight ship, no one… Read More

Word from the CEO: Breast Cancer

On June 4, 1970, a beautiful baby girl was born. This little carrot-top freckled-face girl was all smiles and full of joy. Little did we know that 41 years later, this beautiful little girl would face one of the biggest challenges of her life. In late 2011, Heather was diagnosed… Read More

Healthy Living Series: How to Improve Your Health Online

Do you want to learn how to improve your health and do it in the comfort of your home – most of all, do it at your own pace? The Healthy Living Series is a cognitive-based lifestyle and disease management program to help improve your health with user-friendly interactive online… Read More

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