Guide to Getting Started


Thank you for participating in the SpecialtyHealth Wellness and Prevention Program. The purpose of this introduction is to provide you with the steps to successfully guide you through the initial process.

The SpecialtyHealth Wellness and Prevention Program is focused on providing the tools to help you reach your individual health goals, whether it is health risk reduction, weight reduction, stress reduction, better nutrition, or becoming more fit.

The Wellness and Prevention Program is a 6-month or year-long program that uses the most up-to-date “evidence-based medical guidelines” and laboratory testing. We explain your risk factors on an easy to follow “BIG 5” report that tells you, if you have health risks, along with charts and graphs to compare where you started versus to your ongoing improvements.

The program is designed to give you the clinical, nutritional, fitness, and health coaching resources you need to accomplish your goals. We start with your Health Questionnaire (HQ) located on a secure internet based website to assess your health and testing needs.

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

  1. The Health Questionnaire

    Start by filling out the Health Questionnaire (HQ) :

    1. Make sure to complete each section of the HQ. If you are unsure, or do not have the information, you may input N/A and move to the next section. If you need assistance in completing the information on the HQ, please call us at 775.398.3635 or 888.784.7960.
    2. Biometrics. We ask that you provide us with a current height, weight, blood pressure and waist measurement. HOW IS WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE MEASURED: To Measure waist circumference locate the top of the hip bone.  Place the tape measure evenly around the bare abdomen at the level of this bone.  Read the tape measure and record the waist circumference in inches.
    3. Once you have completed the HQ and clicked the submit button, you will receive an email notification of your HQ submission and you can print a copy of it for your records. A copy will automatically be sent to SpecialtyHealth.
  2. Fasting Blood Test

    Once your HQ is completed, a lab requisition form will be sent to you via secure email with instructions to complete your blood test. If you live in the Reno area, you can request to have your blood test drawn at our facility. Outside the Reno area, you will receive a lab requisition form for your blood test via secure email that you provided on your HQ. The laboratory test is a “fasting blood test” (nothing to eat or drink, except water, for 10-12 hours prior to the blood test)

    1. Appointment with our Medical Providers: within 4 days of receiving your lab results, we will contact you to confirm you have received your lab slip, and have completed your blood test. Your Initial Wellness Visit will be scheduled at that time.

    Please note: your Initial Wellness Visit is contingent on the completion of your HQ and your blood test. If you have questions or you have not been contacted by our staff within 4 days of completion of your HQ, please call us at 775.398.3635 or 888.784.7960 or email us at

  3. Initial Wellness Visit

    A SpecialtyHealth Wellness Provider will meet with you and discuss the results of your Health Questionnaire and your lab results. Together, we will customize a plan and set a your health goals.

    We have many helpful resources available here on our website, we hope you enjoy checking them out.

    Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us with questions, comments or need to re-schedule an appointment!

    Phone: 775.398.3635 or 888.784.7960

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