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We have designed our programs and products for individuals and industries that are looking to lower their health care cost and enhance their health and well-being, with proven lifestyle changes.

Our programs include advanced blood testing and a comprehensive risk profile designed to target the health issues specific to each unique industry and individual.

We want you to save money, while being able to live a long and healthy life. We want you to know that your goals are our goals.

Our integrated target approach, which utilizes Advanced Testing, can be customized and designed specifically for an individual.

We are not a “one size fits all” wellness program.

Our Advanced Testing and Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment are the foundation pieces that guide and develop our Wellness Program that can fit your needs. The programs include nutrition, weight management, fitness, DM2 management, insulin resistance reversal, stress management, and sleep disorders.

Testing & Risk Assessment Packages are offered through each of our Programs, please refer to our programs.

Our Products & Programs

Programs for Individuals
Don’t settle for a Wellness Program designed for the masses! We’ve created personalized wellness programs based on your needs! Our advanced blood testing, along with our expert health coaches will answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals.
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Programs for Employers, Insurance Plans & Trust
Health care for your employees can be pricey. That’s why we’ve created a wellness solution that keeps your employees not just healthy for now, but healthy for life. This program covers a wide variety of care, including biometric screenings, tobacco cessation programs and healthy lifestyle coaching.
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Programs for Public Safety Agencies
Our programs for Public Safety Agencies and our valuable sworn officers are designed to focus on the specific health challenges they are faced with during their line of duty. We provide a solution that helps lower the costs associated with the health issues public safety officers face.
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Programs for Fitness Centers
A peak physique is not just about working out to look great, but understanding and being able to teach your clients what causes their bodies to react a certain way from the inside out. Our Fitness Center programs are designed to help support your trainers on how to apply best practices for their clientele with a scientific approach and enhance programs for membership retention.
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Specialized Programs
Looking for a program tailored for your specific needs? We’ve developed more programs to help you get health, and stay healthy.
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