Exercise of the Month: Kettlebell Get Up!

on October 30, 2017

1. Start Position is lying on your back with the kettle bell to the side.

2. Begin the movement by raising the kettle bell above your shoulder keeping the arm straight.

3. Bend the leg that is on the same side as the kettle bell keeping your feet flat on the floor.
4. Put your opposite arm to the side with the palm down, making sure it is at a 45 degree angle. 
 Keep the eyes on the Kettle bell during the entire movement.
5. Drive the kettle bell up, keeping the arms straight and eyes fixed on the kettle bell while simultaneously pulling the supporting elbow up underneath until the elbow is flat on the floor. The palms should still be facing downwards.
6. Drive up on the supporting hand, keeping the arm holding the kettle bell straight.
7. Extended your hip until you are in the high-bridge position by squeezing your glutes. At this time the arms should be in a T position.
8. Thread the straight leg through your body finishing on your knee, still maintaining a T position.
9. Engage your core and corkscrew your body around so you are set up in a lunge position. The arm holding the kettle bell should now be parallel to your head with the bicep touching the ear.
10. Stand up by driving through using your front heel, keeping the kettle bell at its highest position, now lunge rearwards and ensure the kettle bell remain at the highest position.
11. Move your rear leg underneath your body while simultaneously placing your supporting hand on the floor with the palm down. Again keep the eyes on the Kettle bell.
12. Thread that same leg through the body until it is straight and slowly bring the hips to the floor.
13. Bring the body down to the elbow, keeping the arm that hold the kettle bell straight. Lower the whole body back down into the starting position.

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