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Programs for Fitness Centers

A peak physique is not just about working out to look great, but understanding and being able to teach your clients what causes their bodies to react a certain way from the inside out. Our team at SpecialtyHealth has developed specialized programs just for Fitness Centers. Our programs are designed to help support your trainers on how to apply best practices for their clientele with a scientific approach and enhance programs for membership retention.

Our goal is simple. It is not just about being fit for now, but fit for life.

What we want to do is certify your clients can reach and maintain their fitness goals for life. Who wants to work out for hours just for short-term effects? Why not get to the root? We can offer your trainers and your gym members with advanced and specialized blood testing and health coaching support options. You will have access to both our Exercise Physiologist, Registered Dietician, and Nurse Practitioner, that few gyms offer today.

Our Advanced Blood Testing provides a unique testing package for all members.  We customize blood panels focused on different populations. Each panel can be specialized for both men and women.

  • Health Coaching


    Nutrition – Diet analytics, nutrient deficiency, target calories-macronutrient (testing/dietary recall), management of life style diseases or condition, nutritional planning, provide resources, and therapeutic diets. Fitness – Submax VO2 testing, body composition analysis, body fat testing, movement screen testing, review of exercise history, identification of exercise limitations, therapeutic exercises, and exercise plans and tracking. Everyone will be able to meet with our Wellness team to review nutrition, fitness, and health.  Packages Include: Health Risk Assessment, Lab…

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  • Follow-Up Maintenance


    It’s not just about being fit, it’s also about how we can maintain it. We provide you our maintenance follow-up blood testing. Testing includes our NMR and CMP.

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  • Initial Advanced Blood Testing


    Our advanced blood testing provides a unique testing package for all members. We customize blood panels focused on different populations. Each panel can be customized for both men and women.

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