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Programs for Individuals

Don’t settle for a Wellness Program designed for the masses! SpecialtyHealth creates a personalized wellness program based on your needs! Our advanced blood testing along with our expert health coaches will answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals.

So, why should you choose one of our Wellness Programs?

  • A “normal” cholesterol test can miss 50% who may be at risk for heart disease and stroke.
  • Can’t seem to lose weight? It’s difficult to lose weight if you are insulin resistant (IR). Yet, 50% of Americans have IR and don’t know it.
  • Low Vitamin D can lead to poor healing, muscle pain, and certain cancers: for example, colon, and breast cancer. A test that usually isn’t ordered by medical providers.
  • Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance affects millions of Americans each year! Don’t be a statistic. Sign-up for your personalized Wellness Program today!

SpecialtyHealth performs many other blood tests that are vital to your health and wellbeing. Many of these tests are rarely ordered by your health care provider.

Specialized Risk Reduction Programs for Individuals
  • Advanced Metabolic/Inflammatory Panel


    This package includes an online comprehensive health questionnaire, advanced blood panel, and comprehensive customized risk report explaining in detail your identifiable health risk factors with suggested goals on how to correct them. Package includes one Nutrition/Fitness Health Coaching session.

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  • Advanced Metabolic/Inflammatory Panel + Panel Repeated in 6 Months


    This package includes everything in our Advanced Metabolic/Inflammatory Panel which is an online comprehensive health questionnaire, an advanced blood panel, a customized comprehensive risk report, and one Nutrition/Fitness Health Coach session, plus we have bundled up a 6-month lab follow-up that provides you with comparable results to track your progress.

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  • Advanced Metabolic/Inflammatory Panel Follow-Up


    We know that life is dynamic. Life events can impact your health. You will want to ensure that you can improve or maintain the health you worked so hard to achieve. Our Advanced Metabolic/Inflammatory Panel Follow-Up provides you with the support you need throughout the year. The Follow-Up Panel includes one Nutrition/Fitness Health Coaching session.

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  • Individual Health Coaching


    Are you ready to make your health goals become a reality? SpecialtyHealth provides customized Fitness and Nutrition Health Coaching to help you with weight, stress, sleep, and health management. Health Coaching sessions can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Visits can be done in-person or via telephone.

    $100/Initial Visit


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Robb Wolf “Wired to Eat” blood panel and more!

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Financial Policies for Private Individuals

This is a cash pay program priced at a discount to make affordable; therefore we do not accept or bill insurance. We offer 0% interest payment plans for our Advanced Panel and Health Coaching.