Why Eat Them? Fruits & Vegetables

It’s that time of the year again. The smell of treats and candies have filled the air, but what about your fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are irrefutably healthy, most people know this, but why aren’t more people eating them? Fruits and vegetables are good for you, they are usually always recommended for people trying to lose weight, and they can even lower the risk of heart disease and improve diabetes. Almost all popular… Read More

Word From The CEO: The Keto Diet Craze

Quick weight loss guaranteed, the Keto craze is in full swing! As I entered this year’s Fall Charity event, the room was a buzz, but it wasn’t about the silent auction. Ladies and Gents dressed in their best were touting, “I’ve never felt better, pounds were just falling off, or belts were cinched several notches tighter.” While it’s a great weight reduction diet and it has helped with insulin resistance, DM2, and weight loss, the… Read More

Nutrition: Let’s Make It A Healthy Summer!

Summertime is a great time of the year for nutrition, as many people are looking to lose a little bit of weight for their beach body. When most people think about weight loss, they think that they need to clean up their diet. This idea of eating clean is vague, but let’s just say that eating clean means no junk food. The no junk food diet during summer isn’t a bad idea for a weight… Read More

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