Tips from the Team

A Case for Advanced Testing

The Framingham 10 Year Coronary Heart Disease Risk Score has been used for years to predict those at risk for heart attack; however, more recent technology and testing with nuclear magnetic scanning (NMR) of the blood (Advanced Testing) allows us to predict heart disease and type 2 diabetes (DM2) years before the onset of disease. A recent study of 2,318 individuals tested compared their Framingham 10 Year Risk Score with their Advanced NMR test results…. Read More

Function, Fashion & Fit: Tips on Finding the Right Athletic Shoe

When I was young, before school would start, each year my mom and I would go shoe shopping.  We would pick out my new “school shoes” and one pair usually saw me though the year.  They were the first examples of “cross trainers”, serving as basketball shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and loafers all wrapped up in one pair of poorly tied tennis shoes. Back then I usually picked my shoes based on a color… Read More

Word from the CEO

Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, DM2 and why Advanced Cholesterol Testing could save your life.  “But my Cholesterol is normal!” Routine Cholesterol levels are commonly used to estimate the number of lipoprotein particles (bad cholesterol particles). Routine cholesterol tests may appear normal, but could actually be dangerously high when performing an advanced Lipoprotein Particle Test (LDL-P). This disagreement between a routine Cholesterol Test (LDL-C) and the Advanced LDL Particle Test (LDL-P) is especially common in… Read More

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