Celebrate Breast Cancer to Bikini!

on November 14, 2018

In April 2018, 12 courageous women dawned their bikini’s, ready to enter another life changing event. All are breast cancer survivors who displayed their courage and their scars as they started the 3rd annual 6-month Breast Cancer to Bikini (B2B) Challenge.

Heather Reimer, a breast cancer survivor and founder of “Each One. Tell One.”, a nonprofit organization, created the B2B challenge after two mastectomies and months of chemotherapy. She was depressed, physically weak, and scarred emotionally from surgeries and chemotherapy, she decided to take on breast cancer by bringing awareness to dense breast tissue and educating women everywhere.

Each year, the B2B challenge enrolls 12-20 breast cancer survivors in a life changing program. The program is free to the participants, donated by community sponsors to “Each One. Tell One.”. The program begins with before pictures, body measurements, special (NMR) blood testing donated by SpecialtyHealth Wellness, nutrition plans, and a grueling 6-month workout schedule headed up by, Mena Spodobalski, the owner of Evoke Fitness. This year’s results of 12 breast cancer survivors is something to celebrate! A collective weight loss of 289 pounds, insulin resistance (IR [which is connected with breast cancer]) was reversed 100%, normal A1C (“cancer loves sugar”), and HDL (good cholesterol) increased in all 12 women.

Through the Breast Cancer to Bikini Challenge, “Each One. Tell One.” has created a powerful art exhibit of women and their scars of survival. It is an emotional part of a breast cancer survivors journey.

Please join us for this powerful exhibit:

November 17th (6:30 PM)

Sierra Arts Museum

17 South Virginia Street

Reno, Nevada




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