Why do we crave certain foods?

on January 17, 2018

My trip to the mall with my daughter for those after Christmas sales didn’t end up as planned. As we approached the 2nd floor of the mall, the aroma of cinnamon and sugar permeated my senses. The closer we got to the smell of cinnamon and sugar, the more I envisioned a big warm gooey cinnamon bun dripping with white icing. The vision in my mind was so vivid that my senses took over, and honestly, I don’t remember making a conscious decision to eat the cinnamon bun, but my mouth started watering as I approached the counter without a thought for the sheer “guilt” that would follow after my last bite.

Does anyone ever talk about why we crave these fattening foods and why everything we put in our mouth ends up around our stomach or thighs? You know what I mean! No matter how hard you try, you can’t pass up that big pile of greasy, salty French fries or that large box of fresh buttered popcorn at the movie theater. My mouth is just watering as I am writing about this.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to pass up those fatty, sugary temptations, which pack on pounds, and sabotage any well intended “diet” to lose weight! Clearly, it’s not your fault!

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-Jacqueline Cox, RN, BSN, MPA, CNHC

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