Word from the CEO- Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, DM2: Why Advanced Cholesterol Testing Could Save Your Life

on June 15, 2018

“But my Cholesterol is Normal!” Routine Cholesterol levels are commonly used to estimate the number of lipoprotein particles (bad cholesterol particles). Routine cholesterol tests may appear normal, but could actually be dangerously high when performing an advanced lipoprotein particle test (LDL-P). This disagreement between a routine cholesterol test (LDL-C) and the advanced LDL particle test (LDL-P) is especially common in the insulin resistant individual. “The higher the LDL particle number (LDL-P), the greater the heart attack”.  Don’t be misled by a “normal” cholesterol test!  It pays to get an Advanced Lipoprotein blood test!

Are you testing your blood sugar levels? Something you need to know!  Blood sugar is minimally elevated in early insulin resistance for many years.  Our bodies, being the wonderful machines that they are, compensate by producing more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Over time, blood sugar levels begin to rise as insulin “compensation” begins to decline. This can result in Type 2 diabetes, a late stage of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance affects 50% of the population.  The best test to know if you are insulin resistant is the LP-IR.  It’s a simple blood test that could save your life!   While you’re at it, we can add the LDL-P particle cholesterol test.

SpecialtyHealth’s Wellness Program materials  and excerpts taken from a personal communication from Dr. William Cromwell, FAHA, FNLA April 2015

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-Jacqueline Cox, RN, BSN, MPA, CNHC

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