Exercise of the Month: Plank One Arm Row

Strengthen your core with this do-it-at-home plank exercise! Get into a press up position Keeping a straight line from your head to your feet, lift your arm up and down, moving your elbow towards the ceiling. There will be a slight rotation in your torso. Pause, then slowly return to the floor and repeat with your other arm. That is one rep. Do 15.

Exercise of the Month: Triceps Dips

If you want to tone your arms this summer, try this basic body weight exercise. This can be done anywhere, either at the gym, home, or a motel room. Sit on a chair. Move your hips off the chair edge with your hands supporting your weight. You will need to walk your feet forwards. From this position, lower your body downwards letting your arms take the weight. Keep your eyes level. To return, push up… Read More

Exercise of the Month: Cable Woodchops

This is a great explosive exercise that will help develop strength and power in your chest, core, and shoulders. Ensure the pulley is at shoulder height with a handle attached. Stand sideways to the cable machine and grasp the handle with both hands. Take the strain of the weight and hold your arms out in front at 90 degrees. While maintaining good posture, rotate your body away from the machine. Keep your arms at a… Read More

Exercise of the Month: Hip Extension with Barbell

This exercise is a fantastic way to get those hamstrings and glutes ready for summer! Lie face up on a bench holding a barbell on your hips, with a wide grip.  Only your shoulders should be on the bench and your hips should be parallel to the ground. Lower your hips towards the ground. Explosively extend your hips towards the ceiling and return to the starting position.

Happy Bike Month! Ride Your Bike to Work

It’s that time of the year again! Happy Bike Month! Ride your Bike to Work Week is from May 14-18. The official day for ride your Bike to Work Day is the 18th. Did you know? About 40% of all trips in the U.S. are less than 2-5 miles, according to the Bike League Organization. Riding your bike to work is a wonderful way to save money on gas and get exercise at the same… Read More

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